خازن 8.2 نانو فاراد MKT


خازن MKT 8.2nF

  • خازن MKT 
  • 8.2 نانوفاراد
  • 100ولت
  • 5%
  • 5mmPitch 

دستگاه دیسپنسر AD-982 جهت مونتاژبردهایPCB


Dispensing Controller AD-982

Description : 
AD-982 Auto Glue Dispenser Solder Paste Liquid Controller Dropper

Operated by a foot pedal switch and preset timer, this automatic liquid dispenser can dispense fixed amount of glue/soldering paste to determined location via the needle and barrel.

Features : 
Two controlling modes : manual mode & auto mode.
Precise control of dispensing drops and dispensing cycle.
Suck-back function ensures no leakage drops.
Designed for wide range of application : cellphone key-press, printing, switch, connectors, computer, digital products, digital camera, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, horn, buzzer, electronic components, integrated circuit, LCD screen, relays, speaker, LED lamp, chassis bonding, optical lens, mechanical components, seal, etc.

Works great for secure the SMD components position before soldering work.
Suitable for many different liquids, such as quick-drying glue, red glue, yellow glue, epoxide-resin glue, silica gel, grease, screw locking glue and soldering flux.
System comes with 3 30cc liquid barrels, 1 set of steel needle/tips and plastic tips.
This unit need to be connected to air compressor.

Specifications : 
Timer : Programmale : 0.01-1S,0.1-10S,0.2-20S,0.3-30S
Manual mode : Continuous / momentary
Repeat tolerance : ±0.5%
Voltage input : AC 110V/220V/230V for option, 50Hz
Internal voltage : 24V DC
Minimum deposit : 0.01ml
Air input : 2.5 to 7 bar(35 to 100psi)
Air output : 0.1 to 5.5 bar(1 to 78psi)
Item size : 23.8 x 15.5 x 6cm

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